The Artist – Grahame Morgan-Watson


Grahame calling to become a contemporary artist began in 2007, although his creativity and interest in art and music date back much further. He and his brothers were encouraged to draw on large sheets of lining paper by their Artistically talented Mother, as a way of keeping her Children occupied.

Grahame’s initiation for creating contemporary art arose in later life, from having been introduced to the poetic form of Haiku during a spiritual – inner work retreat.

The insights from engaging in Haiku to explore dreams and his personal motivations, led him to invest in oils paints and palette knives.
Grahame is self-taught. Experimentation and playfulness are key motivators for Grahame’s art. Discovering and mixing together a variety of mediums, like gel medium, pouring glaze, brass filings and brusho, has been instrumental in the mood and inventiveness of many of his paintings.

The new Sculptures now exhibited for the first time 2020, are a development from Grahame’s exploration into three-dimensional wall paintings over the last few years. In these paintings, a significant feature, character or landscape has been constructed to extend out from the normal two dimensional canvas.

Grahame lives with his wife Rosemarie, in the Hamlet of Littleworth near Horsham, West Sussex, England.
His career of over 40 years, has been in the Music industry, working for Hammond Organ, Yamaha and Casio Keyboards, and running his own music retail outlets in Sussex.
As a competent organist and keyboard player, his playing has become more influenced by Smooth Jazz, which in turn has been a significant influence on his art.

For the last four years Grahame has been an active member of Horsham Artists, who hold an annual Contemporary Art Fair in Horsham Town Centre, and an Art Trail, exhibiting in his Littleworth home and the Garden Room. He has had exhibitions at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham, The Oxmarket Centre of Arts in Chichester and various venues around Brighton.

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