Valley Of Unity

img painting by grahamemorgan-watson valley of unity

100 x 100 cm Mixed Media on Canvas
Grahame Morgan-Watson ©2019

"The Valley of Unity
Next comes the Valley of pure Unity,
' placeof lonely, long austerity,
And all who enter on this waste have found
Their various necks by one tight collar bound -
If you see many here or but a few,
They're one, however they appear to you,
The many here are merged in one; one form
Involves the multifarious, thick swarm
(This is the oneness of diveristy,
not oneness locked in singularity);
Unit and number here have passed away;
Forget for-ever and Creation's day -
That day is gone; eternity is gone;
Let them depart into oblivion."

The Conference of the Birds - Farid Ud-Din Attar

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