I have been a Jazz Musician, longer than a contemporary artist. And I paint listening to some of the great contemporary and smooth Jazz stations available via internet radio. It was during my first exhibition in Horsham that I felt inspired to allow my art to be more directly influenced by some of Jazz music I listen to and play on Organ and Keyboard.
Some have a direct connection to a particular tune that I often play, like Autumn Leaves and On The Beach. Others are just a feel for the music and how that manifests as an image on the canvas.

Hot Keys by Grahame Morgan-Watson

I wanted to bring a real connection to the canvas from my own hands and how I play. The hands are mold of my own hand, as I might play a particular chord structure on a two keyboard Hammond Organ. The impact of the sound expressed through a sunburst.
This could also be classified a one of my “wall sculptures”

50 x 50 cm Mixed media on canvas

Autumn Leaves

A all-time jazz standard, so often played as Bossa Nova, although works as well as a swing or ballad.
60 x 60 cm Acrylic on canvas

Cornfield 600

Dudley Moore is better known for his comedy routines with Peter Cook. But he is better known in the jazz circles for his fabulous Jazz Piano style. Cornfield, brings a smile to my face that is not from any comedic catch phrase, but from the sheer joy that the melody and up-beat tempo express.
60 x 60 cm Mixed media on canvas

On The Beach 300

Underneath that moonlit sky, Take me back to the place that I know, On the beach” 

The word of Chris Rea’s song are less important for me that he melody and feel of the song. I spent many hours on the beaches of Borneo where I grew up. Sailing across to some of islands in a Dinghy. There is something romantic about a warm moonlit evening on a sandy beach that is hard to replicate in our cooler climate. The song evokes memories of my youth. This creation also features my hand and a canvas surface structure in the form of the keyboard.
50 x 50 cm Mixed media an canvas.

Grahame Morgan-Watson_Heartstings

I was introduced to the music of Earl Klugh by a one of the manager of a music shop I used to visit as a rep for Yamaha Organs. His music became the backdrop of many a long drive home south from a dealership that covered half the UK.
This particular song and what it evoked was memories of driving down south in France on holiday with my wife during the 80’s.
60 x 60 cm Mixed media on canvas

Golden Hearted

The Bechstein grand piano came with my wife, who is an accomplished classical pianist. Our shared interest and taste in music, has been matched by our shared love of art and jazz. It is rare that we get to appreciate the beauty of the cast iron frame of a piano, unless we remove the lid.  This painting was inspired to capture, just that impression.
50 x 50 cm Mixed media on canvas

String Bass

A bit fun with stiffened canvas and coloured string.
50 x 50 cm Mixed media

Improvisation by Grahame Morgan-Watson 800

Our Bechstein again, but imagined as a quirky coloured improvisation.
50 x 50 cm Mixed media on canvas

Jazz City by Grahame Morgan-Watson

I started to imagine what the world looks like from the Organ’s perspective. From inside looking to the players habds, wee get a glimpse of the electrical circuits and glowing led lights of the switches to illuminate a different world.
60 x 60 cm Mixed media on canvas

I have never lived in a city, preferring the tranquility and fresh air of the Sussex countryside. However, visiting the USA and listening to some of the smooth myriad of jazz stations available on their XM radio, evokes a certain night-life fantasy. This piece took many hours to refine to get the feel I wanted to express.
60 x 60 cm Mixed media on canvas.

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